5 ft filled Punch Bag

5ft Filled Home Boxing Bag | Heavy Boxing Set Home Boxing

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  • Get set up to practise your boxing & work out at home
  • Mount to your wall with the included wall bracket & chain
  • Set includes boxing mitts, hand wraps, skipping rope & mini glove car decoration
  • Bag comes pre-filled but has a zip to add more weight if needed
  • Boxing bag is made from hard-wearing and durable red leather

5ft Filled Home Boxing Bag | Heavy Boxing Set Home Boxing Description

If you’re looking for a way to workout at home, need to practise your skills, or simply want to give boxing a try, this home boxing equipment set is perfect to get you set up and punching. This boxing set comes with everything you need to get started including the wall mount and chain to hang the 25kg bag from as well as all the screws and fixtures you need. The boxing bag has a zip in the top to enable you to fill it further with more sand to add extra weight if and when you need to. Also included in the set is a pair of boxing gloves, hand wraps and a skipping rope - a full workout in one bundle. 

Boxing is an excellent and fun form of exercise! It can help improve your health as it increases strength and gets your heart rate up and pumping, improving blood flow and giving you a boost of endorphins - the happy hormone. It also helps to improve hand-eye coordination as well as balance. It is an ideal form of exercise if the idea of jogging or weight lifting doesn’t entice you. 

Although most commonly thought of as a man’s sport, it is not only available to men and many women are also falling in love with the sport with women’s boxing and MMA becoming very popular matches to watch. So whether you identify as male, female or anything in between, reap the benefits of this entertaining and exciting sport by picking up this home boxing equipment set.

Manufactuer's Description:

  • 5ft Rex Leather filled with cloth pieces comes with Hanging Chain, Wall Bracket, Bag Gloves, Hand wrap and Skipping Rope
  • The bag has a zipped top to add more fillings to adjust the weight
  • Bag comes Approx up to 25kg due to Couriers maximum weight limit,
  • it can be make heavy by adding sand.
  • 5 Feet Filled Heavy Bag
  • Wall Bracket, Hanging Chain
  • All fittings included
  • Bag Mitts, Hand Wrap, Mini Gloves and Skipping Rope

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