Aasta STG (Sparing Training Gloves) Boxing Glove Fighting Gloves Boxing Training Glove Muay Thai Kick Boxing

Aasta STG (Sparing Training Gloves) Boxing Glove Fighting Gloves Boxing Training Glove Muay Thai Kick Boxing

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Aasta Boxing Glove Built from synthetic leather for high durability. Engineered with pressure point breathable membrane.Perfect for Boxing, MMA, Sparring, Punch Bag Training, and Muay Thai Kickboxing.Aasta Boxing Glove Fighting Gloves Boxing Training Glove For Boxing Description: These boxing gloves with multi-layered padding articulated to not only disseminate shock and stand up against extreme punishment but to provide best comfort and usability as well. 2x wide fastening strap fit firm on the wrists and gives athlete a snug fit.

Key Features

➤Excellent weight distribution between the finger hangover and the wrist gives athlete a feeling of balanced punch.
➤Ideal size keeps the hands of athlete in place, not giving hand much space to run around in the glove.
➤Flat lock stitching does not cause irritation. Embedded properties provide a maximum hygienic efficiency.
➤Stitched by hand and filled with injection mould foam for shock absorption our gloves will withstand even the most intense fighting practice.
➤Anti-slip, durable and easily cleanable design makes it a must-have.
➤Modern pro boxing gloves are designed to protect the fighter's hand during a fight, competitions, sparring, muay thai training and these boxing gloves are perfect match, Adults, Youth, kids kickboxing gloves for Men & Women.
➤These Aasta gloves allow you to go hard core with your training sessions.
➤Correct positioning of your fist and knuckle makes the gloves feel more comfortable and helps to prevent injury.
➤Its ergonomic design armed with additional layer of padding over knuckles and wrist panel makes it pro impact. Equipped with Advanced GX- fastening strap revamp fist placement and grip panels for maximum griping power.
➤Equally distributed weight causes less trainer fatigue. These gloves are perfectly suitable for athletes who want to go hard with their Boxing and sparring sessions.

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