4Ft Kids Free standing Heavy punch Bag Gym Exercise MMA Striking Flexible Bags

4Ft Kids Free standing Heavy punch Bag Gym Exercise MMA Striking Flexible Bags

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4Ft Kids Free standing Heavy punching Gym Exercise MMA Striking Flexible Bag

Product Description :

An incredible freestanding heavy bag designed for the ringers of both tough gym  and home training. Freestanding bags filled with a Punch-able material and are  masked by leather. There are a variety of designs and choices of material to  choose.

Freestanding Heavy Bag is the professional choice for demanding athletes  everywhere, especially when hanging a heavy bag is not possible or desired.

In most of our models, The base conveniently fills with approximate sand  attached to the standing, so it is easier to shift them from place to place  giving you the benefit to de-clutter after a workout session.

some of the admirable features of our Product is as Follow:

  • This model maintains a standing point at the centre, so it is useful for  kicking workout too.
  • An exclusive high-tech PVC rubber Flex-Neck attaches the sand filled base to  the full-length centre pole for slight flex-action when striking the bag to  offer athletes an astounding real opponent feel and action.
  • No installation required. All you have to do it fill the base of the bag  with sand and you are good to go!
  • Unlike the hanging, there is no hassle to fix this equipment.
  • Very durable as it is attached to the movable fixed stand.
  • Very Flexible as it will maintain your heavy impact of punching.
  • Recommended for 4-8 years old 

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